Combating Financial Crimes workshop hosted by CMA and UASA

November 1, 2017


The Capital Market Authority in collaboration with the Union of Arab Securities Authorities held a training program on “Combating Financial Crimes in Financial Markets” in Beirut on the 18th and 19th of October 2017. The training program hosted by the CMA, was attended by more than thirty trainees from various regulatory bodies and custodians such as the Capital Markets Authority of Kuwait, Syrian Commission on Financial Markets and Securities, MIDCLEAR and Banque Du Liban. In addition, the attendance also included senior staff from the Beirut Stock Exchange and a number of financial intermediary institutions from Lebanon and Sudan.

The program aims to support and develop the knowledge and skills of the workers in the competent departments of the regulatory authorities and financial market institutions, which are responsible for detecting and prosecuting financial crimes. The trainers introduced to the attendees the latest global developments and methods of committing financial crimes in financial markets to ensure deterring violators and compensating victims.

The program discussed several subject such as the recent developments of financial crimes in the global financial market and the techniques to discover new financial crimes to support market oversight, in addition to the preparation of criminal prosecution files and the development of regulators’ role in combating financial crimes.

This program represents a part of the UASA Strategic Plan 2016 – 2020 approved by the UASA Board, in cooperation with the CMA last year. Within the framework of capacity building pillar, the plan aimed to hold series of training programs and workshops to contribute in developing the regulators’ supervisory capacities and to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness. In its turn, CMA and as part of its opening remarks promised the attendees to host a number of trainings per year as part of its mutual cooperation with the Union.