“Gherbal Initiative” honors “Capital Markets Authority” for Public Transparency

September 27, 2019


In cooperation with the Office of the Minister of State for Administrative Reform, “Gherbal Initiative” launched its reports on “Transparency and Spending in Lebanese Public Administrations – 2017”, in an effort to assist the Lebanese government in applying the law on Access to Information.


The ceremony that was held at the National Library – Sanayeh in the presence of several MPs, general directors, business owners and representatives of local and international civil society organizations, focused on the importance of the “Gherbal Initiative” in the context of promoting transparency and fighting corruption in both the private and public sector.


After reviewing the reports, “Gherbal” launched its new website portal, which among many other things allows the users to monitor the various sections of the Public Budget in a detailed and interactive method.


In the closing session of the ceremony, “Gherbal” honored 17 public administrations for complying with the right of Access to Information law and for providing information to the public within the legal timeframe stated by the law.

Director of Research and Communications at the Capital Markets Authority Mr. Tarek Zebian (Twitter: @tarekzebian) received the trophy on behalf of CMA, alongside other representatives of public administrations in an effort to thank them and support their continuous efforts, and in hopes that this step will motivate other institutions to abide by the Access to Information law.