Informational Session between the Association of Banks & CMA on CMA Decision 24

December 16, 2016


The Association of Banks in Lebanon and the Capital Markets Authority (CMA) organized an informative Q&A session at the ABL headquarters in Beirut on December 16, 2016. The session was held at the request of Lebanese Banks in order to discuss the newly issued CMA Board Decision 24 that highlights the qualifications required to be able to carry on activities related to Securities Business in Lebanon. The session was held to clarify certain issues that market participants needed further clarification in light of the amendment of circular 103 issued by the Banque Du Liban on the topic of qualifications. The CMA focused on clarifying to participants from the Banking sector the set road map and deadlines that the CMA will be working upon to initiate implementation of Decision 24 requirements.

Representing the CMA was Vice Chairman Mr. Sami Saliba, Head of Legal Affairs Unit Ms. Caline Aoun Maaraoui, and Junior Legal Counsel Ms. Mirna Nasr.