Fadi Fakih, Vice Chairman, delivers the Opening Remarks at the Third Consultation Seminar held by the CMA

Mr. Fadi Fakih, Vice Chairman at the CMA, introduces the sixth implementing regulation, “Collective Investment Schemes” and offers an over the seminar sections.

Collective Investment Schemes Regulation

Collective Investment Schemes regulation covers the establishment and operation of collective investment schemes, including Islamic schemes in Lebanon under Law 706 of December 2005. The regulation requires collective investment schemes offered to the public to be subject to rules that provide a higher standard of investor protection. The purpose of this regulation is to regulate the establishment, approval, offering and management of collective investment schemes and associated activities in Lebanon and to establish requirements governing CIS managers, CIS custodians and approved distribution agents.



Invitation & Conference Agenda
An Interview with Saade Chami, Secretary General
Collective Investment Schemes Presentation