Panel 1: "Protecting Investors: The Legal Framework Shaping CMA's Role in the Market"BACK

"Protecting Investors: The Legal Framework Shaping CMA's Role in the Market"

The opening panel in the World Investor Week 2018 conference featured legal experts on Capital Markets regulations who had an interesting discussion that focused on the importance of the regulatory framework in protecting investors, while simultaneously setting the new paradigms of securities business activity in Lebanon. Among the many points raised by the speakers, it was clear that the CMA has successfully managed to build a successful securities business regulatory framework which is up to international best practices.

The speakers also discussed the developing legislative process in Lebanon, and the introduction of a long awaited new set of laws that are of importance to capital markets development, asserting that the Lebanese securities business is becoming better positioned to reap the benefits from the new developments in the market.

Watch the video of the Panel discussion here.

Participants in Panel 1:

Mohamed Alem, Alem & Associates, Moderator

Caline Aoun Maaraoui, Capital Markets Authority

Chehdan Jbeily, Bank Audi