Panel 2: "Nurturing a Corporate Governance Culture in Lebanon"BACK

Nurturing a Corporate Governance Culture in Lebanon

With the participation of the Institute for Finance and Governance and partner institutions, Sabis Group and Malia Group, the speakers on Panel 2 focused on nurturing a culture of Corporate Governance in Lebanon which has become an important factor in growing business institutions on the importance of good governance and best practices in operations, management and structures.

With the regulatory supervision of Banque du Liban and the Capital Markets Authority, investors and institutions are witnessing the benefits of good governance, whether through better financing opportunities or increased operational efficiency and performance, the positive developments in this sector are promoting a healthy culture of investor protection in companies looking to expand their business.

Watch the full panel discussion here.

Participants in Panel 2:

Hadi el Assad, IFG, Moderator

Frederic Chemali, Malia Group

Joe Achkar, SABIS Group