Round-Table 1BACK

"The Financing of SMEs through the financial markets: Opportunities and Challenges"

The opening roundtable featured an interesting discussion that focused on the important role played by the SMEs in developing and developed economies, and why should there be a push by financial regulators and fiscal policymakers explaining the benefits and opportunities of increased public listing of SMEs (in Tunisia, 80% of companies are SMEs that create employment opportunists for almost 80% of the population, in Lebanon, they represent 90% of companies).

Although the benefits are vast, from the increase of transparency to the increase of investor interest and business development, the speakers agreed though that one important feature in today’s economies: SMEs continue to face funding problems.


Participants in Round-table 1:
Moderated by: Mr. Sami Saliba, CMA Executive Board Member
• M. Salah ESSAYEL, President of Conseil du Marché Financier de Tunisie (CMF)
• M. Mircae URSACHE, vice-President, Autorité de Supervision Financière de Roumanie (ASF)
• M. Mory SOUMAHORO, General Secretary, Conseil Régional de l’Epargne Publique et des Marchés Financiers (CREPMF)
• Mr. Marwan Iskandar, AGM, Banque Libano Francais
• Mr. Jean Riachi, Chairman and CEO, FFA Private Bank